October 27, 2020 @ 8:30 am – 9:30 am


Parents, before your children leave for school on photo day, please remember to look them over and help them look their best. Faces that are clean and clothes that are stain-free will make for great photos!


Can’t decide what to dress them in? Simple is always a great choice – a well-fitting collared shirt, sweater, dress, or a neat t-shirt are terrific options. Below are some other helpful tips:

  • Bright, solid colours photograph the best
  • Please avoid solid white clothing
  • Long-sleeves are preferred
  • Ensure your child’s hair is neat and well-groomed
  • If you’re planning a haircut for your child, it’s best to schedule it at least a week before photo day
  • The photographer will take pictures as the child is dressed. Please make prior arrangements with your child as to how you would like them to dress for the camera (e.g., removing jackets, hoodies, hats, etc.)

For best results on photo day, DO NOT WEAR GREEN-COLOURED CLOTHING or clothing that has green-coloured patterns in it. We love green, however, with green-screen technology, green clothing is not recommended. If your child is wearing green clothes or accessories, those areas will look invisible in the final image and will not be processed/printed.


Please be aware that wearing a hat for even a short period of time before being photographed may result in “hathead”. This can be avoided if your child keeps their hat off until after their first photos are taken.


Wearing glasses may result in glass glare and/or shadows on the face, and are difficult to retouch. For best results, please consider asking your child to remove their glasses for their photos.

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